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New Beccs goes head-to-head to raise money for children’s ward

July 2015

On 15 and 16 of August New Beccehamian Hockey Club (NBHC) will be battling it out in a charity 24 Sports 24 Hours event.   Members will be divided into two teams to help raise as much money as possible for the children’s ward at PRU Hospital in Locksbottom, Kent. 

The event has been organised by hockey club members James and Alex Grey who’s baby Jenson was diagnosed with meningitis just less than a week after being born in November 2014.   Jenson spent a harrowing 10 days in hospital, and a further few weeks having 3 daily drug treatments, involving many visits to the children’s ward.  Fortunately the meningitis was caught early and Jenson is now fully recovered - a perfect bouncing baby boy.

After being discharged the parents committed to raise money for the children’s ward to help fund a Multi-sensory Procedural Distraction Unit.  This is to help distract babies and young children while they are having a procedure, and costs £3,500.

“The doctors, nurses and support staff were amazing through the whole thing and really looked after Jenson and our family,” said James Grey. “We are so grateful to the care they provided so we would love to give something back and help others who have to go through the same thing.  As members of the hockey club we thought it would be a great opportunity to arrange a charity day with fellow sporting enthusiasts and raise as much money through back-to-back sports.  I am sure it is going to be an exhausting yet fun 24 hours!”

24 Sports 24 Hours is taking place at the home of the hockey club - HSBC Sports Club in Beckenham. The two teams, green and yellow, will be competing across 24 sports including Aerobics, American Football, Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Dodge ball, Football, Handball, Netball, Rounders, Rowing, Squash, Tug of War, Ultimate Frisbee, and of course Hockey to name just a few.  Points will be rewarded to teams based on their performance in each sport and on the team that raises the most amount of money.  A trophy will be presented to the overall winner in an evening ceremony. 

Local companies RONIN Marketing based in Bromley and Beckenham Audi are sponsoring the event to help fund its success.   “We are delighted to be sponsoring such a worthwhile cause,” Said Steve Lipscombe, Director of RONIN Marketing. “Hospital procedures can be very distressing for children and their parents so we hope plenty of people will be able to give a little to get the unit up and running.”

To donate to NBHC 24 Sports 24 Hours visit: